The program of IMS-APRM2018 includes:

  • Plenary Lectures presented by world-renowned scientists in statistics and probability
  • Distinguished Lectures delivered by leading specialists
  • Invited Paper sessions
  • Contributed talks

Plenary Lectures

There are two plenary speakers:

  • Louis H. Y. Chen — National University of Singapore
  • Bin Yu — University of California, Berkeley

Each plenary speaker delivers a plenary lecture of one-hour duration.

The title and abstract of Professor Chen's plenary lecture are:

Title: From Stein's Lemma to Stein's Method and Beyond

Abstract: Stein's lemma gives a simple characterization of the normal distribution. In this talk, I will explain how Stein discovered this lemma and how it leads to Stein's method. I will also discuss the generator approach, the connection between Stein's method and Palm theory in random measures, the connection between Stein's method and Malliavin calculus, and applications to stochastic geometry.

The title and abstract of Professor Yu's plenary lecture are:

Title: Three Principles of Data Science: Predictability, Stability, and Computability

Abstract: In this talk, I'd like to discuss the intertwining importance and connections of three principles of data science in the title. They will be demonstrated in the context of two collaborative projects in neuroscience and genomics, respectively. The first project in neuroscience uses transfer learning to integrate fitted convolutional neural networks (CNNs) on ImageNet with regression methods to provide predictive and stable characterizations of neurons from the challenging primary visual cortex V4. The second project proposes iterative random forests (iRF) as a stablized RF to seek predictable and interpretable high-order interactions between biomolecules.

Distinguished Lectures

There are sixteen distinguished lecturers:

  • Vivek S. Borkar — Indian Institute of Technology
  • Raymond J. Carroll — Texas A&M University
  • Zhen-Qing Chen — University of Washington
  • Ching-Kang Ing — National Tsing Hua University
  • Bing-Yi Jing — Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • S.C. Samuel Kou — Harvard University
  • Satoshi Kuriki — Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan
  • Regina Y. Liu — Rutgers University
  • Eric Moulines — École Polytechnique
  • Art B. Owen — Stanford University
  • Byeong Uk Park — Seoul National University
  • Giovanni Peccati — Université du Luxembourg
  • John Robinson — University of Sydney
  • Ingrid Van Keilegom — Université catholique de Louvain
  • Fengyu Wang — Tianjin University
  • Hongyu Zhao — Yale University

Each distinguished lecturer delivers a 50-minute lecture in a Distinguished Lecture (DL) session with two invited speakers (each giving a 25-minute talk).

Invited Paper sessions

There are sixty-one Invited Paper (IP) sessions. Each IP session is made up of four invited talks, each of 25-minute duration.

Contributed talks

There are nine Topic Contributed Paper (TCP) sessions (organized around a specific theme) and ten Contributed Paper (CP) sessions. TCP and CP sessions comprise five talks, each of 20-minute duration.

You may download the Program Book and the Abstract Book in PDF format. Information in these books are correct as of July 2, 2018.